How to Find Western Wholesale Brands?

If you are asking “how to find western wholesale brands?” – you have come to the right place! 2 FLY CO offers our goods to retailers that own stores, with valid sales tax certificates, to then resell to their customers. But, you don’t have to stop here. While we may be part of the few that offer open packs, low opening order minimums, and extremely fast shipping – there are other ways to find good western brands and we don’t mind sharing the secrets because we support small businesses wholeheartedly. 

Our western wholesale industry thrives at WESA market, an event held in Dallas, Texas twice a year. WESA stands for Western & English Sales Association. It is a temporary trade show featuring western clothing and tack brands that offer their goods at wholesale pricing. WESA currently takes place at the Dallas Market Center. Bring your comfy shoes and explore the booths set up at the event to find goodies! is the website for dates and info on registering as a buyer. Since this is not open to the public, you will need to verify your credentials to get in, but it’s easy peasy. If you do come, we welcome you to stop by our booth and ask as many questions as you need [we are friendly] here is our market booth location information:

    While western may be your gig. WESA isn’t your only option to finding western wholesale products. Dallas Market Center holds additional markets at least five times a year for apparel and home & gift. Here is the link for deets: While you will see a mix of trendy items, you can spy western influenced designs amongst the brands showing their wholesale products during these shows. Floor 14 at the Dallas Market Center is called The Territory and features western big name brands in permanent showrooms. While Floor 12 holds temporary booths with quality wholesale products as well. Floor 12 is where you will find 2 FLY CO during all Apparel Markets. We will do a deeper dive into How To Shop A Wholesale Market in our next blog post for more tips and tricks with terms to know and understand. 2 FLY CO makes it a little easier than most brands and we want to set you up for success when carrying other western wholesale brands along side ours.

    If you are more of an online shopper, there are plenty of options for you to explore western wholesale goods without traveling to market. There are online marketplaces that are built for finding wholesale products to carry in your store. Using search terms like western or rodeo while searching on these platforms should lead you to the right brands to provide you with more western wholesale options! These sites include:, and to name a few. We are currently listed on all these sites and can provide products through their platform. Although, our website is the best place to shop direct from – because it has the most up to date releases and most accurate inventory!

    Lastly, we recommend social media to find more wholesale goods that give you western vibes. Facebook can be a great place to search Wholesale Groups for each brand – or even groups dedicated to store owners like yourself as support groups. Simply typing wholesale in Facebook’s search bar – then clicking groups to filter – will get you a wide variety of options to explore. If you aren’t already in ours - is our link to join! While we are a reputable company – we recommend doing your research while vetting other brands you find on Facebook before doing business with them.

    We hope this helps you on your search for more western wholesale goods. While it may point you to a competitor of ours, we believe in community over competition and would like to help you be successful in any way we can.

Good Luck and Stay Fly!

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