well, we raise a few cows on a place near a dairy farm in Dublin, Texas. You can imagine the flies. We embrace them, so with a little humor and a lot of fly traps, [2 many dang flies] 2 FLY cattle co was born in 2020... only for our home and clothing company to follow.  We are 2 LEGIT to quit, and my husband is "pretty FLY for white guy". We even catch ourselves saying  "two fly" instead of "shoo fly"... HA!... but really, if you had to know the real reason it stuck, it would be because this is my 2ND chance at a clothing brand and with all my trust in the good Lord, it will FLY. 

  • we hope to show you the 2FLY way with lightning bolt fast shipping, family style customer service, and original designs you can't get anywhere else to earn your business.
  • we lean on the western lifestyle but like to shake things up with trends. our goal is to create pieces that you want to hand down to future generations NOT toss to the landfills
  • so hold on tight cause we a liable to get wild. we definitely FLY by the seat of our pants and are sure to surprise you from time to time. let's get a little fly, shall we?