copy and paste the code above to connect to our synclogic channel. once you have filled out the synclogic form and have connected to our channel please give us 24-48hrs to approve your connection.

if you're needing assistance on how to connect click the button below for our GUIDE TO SYNCLOGIC.


    WE do not have compare at pricing done at retail MSRP for you - instead you are responsible for manually altering the pricing for you synced products while following our pricing requirements.


    we will NOT drop ship the products until your invoice has been paid. Please promptly pay for your orders. NON-payment within 24 hours will result in the removal of your synclogic access to our store.


    while we use the top technology to process our orders via scanning/barcodes - manufacture packaging errors can happen. Corrections will be made but understanding must exist in the additional time needed to correct.


    .01 - 1.0 lb = $6.95

    1.0 - 5.0 lb = $9.95

    5.0 - 10 lbs = $14.95

    [these will be charged to your order as standard rates]


    while we strive to keep accurate inventory for syncing purpose - we hold the right to refund due to quantity discrepancies.


    BY USING OUR CODE BELOW & SYNCING YOUR STORE - you are agreeing to the guidelines set forth above. We are not responsible for errors within this 3rd party app.